(Українська) Геофорум – тематика


  • education in geodesy, cartograpy and land management;
  • perspectives of development of topographic, geodetic and cartographic activities in Ukraine;
  • studying the figure and external gravity field of the Earth using ground methods and using both ground and satellite methods;
  • introducing a new system of coordinates USC-2000 in Ukraine;
  • prospects for development and utilization of GNSS and creation of active reference networks;
  • modern development trends in cartography and cartographic production;
  • automatization of engineering and geodetic or markscheider work;
  • modern technologies of laser scaning and UAV;
  • geodetic support for APP, TPP, bridges, tunnels, roads, railway, geodetic monitoring in building;
  • digital photogrammetry and modern geodetic photogrammetric instrument engineering development;
  • state of geodetic metrology and its current problems;
  • current land management and cadastre in Ukraine;
  • military navigation and GIS-technology;
  • new approaches to the creation of geodetic networks in big cities;
  • the problems of introducing the national infrastructure of geospatial data;
  • public branch societies and organizations activities.