Issue I (35), 2018


Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Rudyk O. Activities of the Western Geodetic Society in 2012–2017pdf  Download

Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Korlatovich T. V report-election conference of WGS USGK pdf Download

Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Tretyak K. Delegation USGC on the General Assembly of the Counsil of European Geodetic Surveyorspdf Download

Trevoho I., Tretyak K., Zadorozhnyy V., Chetverikov B. Innovative digital and IT-technologies to “INTERGEO-2017” pdf Download

Trevoho I., Zadorozhnyy V., Chetverikov B. The 39th Congress of Polish Surveyors (SGP) as an important marker of international co-operation  pdf Download

 Trevoho I., Zadorozhnyy V., Vanchura O. Master’s preparation in dual degree program   pdf Download

Drbal A. Czech and Austrian astronomer, matematics, surveyor and pedagog professor Dr. František kodeš of Treuenhorst (1761–1831) in Lviv pdf Download

Savchyn I., Lozynskyi V., Marusazh Kh., Dosyn S. International conference of young scientists “GeoTerrace-2017”pdfDownload

Zhezhera I., Trevoho I. Monitoring of ground displacements and deformations using SqueeSAR ™ algorithmspdf Download

Kononenko S., Udovenko I., Shemyakin M. Features of aerospace filming for the identification and forecasting of risks in crop productionpdf Download

Celms A., Paršova V., Ratkevičs A., Reķe I. Development of implementation of geoinformation provision of state border demarcation workspdf Download  

Efendyan P., Hovhannesyan T. About possibilities of joint use of data of satellite images and unbeiled flying apparatus in agriculturepdf Download

Bulakevych S., Kachanovsky O. Monitoring of the condition of winter wheat farmland using Sentinel satellites and artificial intelligence systemspdf Download

Perovich L., Ludchak O., Hulko A. Analysis of world experience in the use of space-based methods for monitoring agricultural landpdf Download


Tadyeyev A. Adaptive methods for evaluation and interpretation of Earth’s deformation fields using GNSS data  pdf Download

Dzhuman B. Relationship between global and regional gravitational field  pdf Download

Tyshchuk M. Coordinates determination at the joint astronomical, geodetic and geophysical observation station near Poltava pdf Download


Ratkevičs A., Celms A., Veliks A., Cintiņa V. Research of possibilities of technologies of laser scanning in state border maintenance works  pdf Download

Trevoho І., Zvyagina М. Determination of the main characteristics of the method of observing deformations of marine hydrotechnical structurespdf Download

Korlyatovych T. Investigation of the construction of a mobile water-level measuring post    pdf Download

Lompas А., Lozynskyi V. The study dynamics of the slope of landslide areas of Lviv city landfill   pdf Download


Perovych L., Peresoliak R. Exchange files markup language UCML pdf Download

Hubar Yu., Khavar Yu., Sai V. The study of the method of calculating the market value of the valuation object, as a function of the sale price of objects of comparison and the weight of their degree of similarity pdf Download

Lakata V., Malanchuk M., Palamar A. Application of modern technologies for cadastral works  pdf Download

Khoptar V. Methodological approaches to the establishment of a geoinformation system for the unioned territorial communitiespdf Download


Burshtynska Kh., Tretyak S., Shevchuk V. Monitoring of changes in the Stryi riverbed using GIS technologiespdf Download

Hlotov V., Hunina A., Dovbysh B. Comparative analysis of the application of Pix 4D and Agisoft Photo Scan software packages for processing digital images obtained from UAVs   pdf Download

Kulikovska O., Atamanenko Yu. Results of UAV application for geodetic measurements at the test site   pdf Download

Trevoho I., Heger W., Loßmann Ch., Lisnyk O. Aerial data application for construction of large-scale plans   pdf Download

Kuzyk Z., Berdar F. 3D-modeling and visualization of monuments on the basis of aerial photography data and geoinformation systems   pdf Download

Chetverikov B. Method of determining the boundaries of the destroyed old necropolis in Brody with the help of GIS-technologies   pdf Download

Yanchuk O., Shulgan R., Yanchuk R., Frankova I. Geoinformation support of the work of urban construction and architecture department  pdf Download

Burshtynska Kh., Denis Y., Polishuk B., Tymchyshyn M. Monitoring of forest fires using satellite images with medium spatial resolution (the example of Arizona, USA) pdf Download

Dets T., Trohymets S., Okrenets Yu. Optimization of automobile transportation by means of GIS (on an example of Rivne region) pdf Download

Babiy L., Ilkiv T.Ya., Pylypets Yu.V. Technological features of creation of digital tourist maps for cycling routes using GPS-logger pdf Download

Kolb I., Kolodiy P. Geo-information analysis of solar energy potential applying high-precision digital terrain models  pdf Download


Karpinsky Iu., Lazorenko-Hevel N. The methods of geospatial data collection for topographic mapping   pdf Download

Litynskyy V., Trevoho I., Periy S. Setting tolerances for precise geometric leveling
   pdf Download

Mordvinov I., Pakshyn M., Lyaska I., Zayats O., Petrov S., Tretyak K. Monitoring of vertical movements on Mining and Chemical Plant “Polimineral” area based on processing results of interferometric satellite radar images and tilt measurements
  pdf Download