Issue І (27), 2014



Modern achievements of geodesic science and industry

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Issue І (27), 2014

Dedicated to the professional holiday of Ukrainian geology,

geodesy and cartography workers

Head editor – Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor І.S. Trevoho


Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic 2014

UDC 528; 361; 681; 332; 631

New results of the development of theory and methods for the study of Earth’s shape and external gravitational field, as well as research concerning the use of GNSS- and GIS-technologies, in the field of engineering geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry and cadastre are published in this issue of the collection.

This collection is intended for lecturers, researchers, postgraduate students of geodesic field and employees of geodesic companies and agencies.

Printed on the recommendation of the management board of the Western Geodesic Society of USGC (Minutes No. 13 (324) as of January 22, 2014) and Academic Board of the Institute of Geodesy of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Minutes No. 5 (136) as of February 12, 2014)

Added by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine to the list of professional publications in engineering sciences (Resolution No. 1-05/1 as of February 10, 2010), in which the results of thesis works for academic degrees of doctor and candidate of engineering sciences can be published

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ZABLOTSKYI  F. D. (section “Geodesy, geodynamics”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the Lviv Polytechnic National University;

KOSTETSKA Ya. М. (section “Engineering geodesy”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the Lviv Polytechnic National University;

DOROZHYNSKYI О. L. (section “Photogrammetry, geoinformational systems and cartography”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity;

PEROVYCH L. М. (section “Cadastre”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity


HOLUBINKA Yu. І., Cand. Sc. in engineering, senior lecturer of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity,

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BURSHTYNSKA Kh. V., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; VASYUTYNSKYI І. Yu., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of Moscow State University of Geodesy and cartography (Russia); VOLCHKO P. І., head of the department of research and production Company “Doka” (Lviv); HLOTOV V. М., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; HEGER V., Doctor of Engineeringprofessor of the Higher School of Neubrandenburg (Germany); DENYSOV О. М., Cand. Sc. in engineering, associate professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity MAKSYMCHUK V. Yu., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, director of the Carpathian Branch of the Institute of Geophysics named after S.І. Subbotin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; PAKHUTA А., doctor, professor, dean of the WarsawPolytechnicUniversity (Poland). RADEY К., doctor, director of Scientific and Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Prague SAVCHUK S. H., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; SOSSA R. І., doctor of geographical sciences, professor, director of the state research and production enterprise “Kartografiya” (Kyiv); TRETYAK К. R., Dr.Sc. in engineering, professor, director of the Institute of Geodesy of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; CHERNYAHA P. H., Dr.Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; CHETVERIKOV B. V., teaching assistant, Lviv Polytechnic National University (technical secretary);  

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Zayets I. Basics of using geodetic reference coordinate system USK-2000 to ensure maintenance of the State Land Cadastre pdf  Download

Trevoho I., Denisov O., Grytsyuk T. Productive year of international, scientific and social activities WGS pdf Download

Drbal A., Trevoho I. Professor Adolf Veniaminovich Butkevich (1914-1983) – Head of the Department  of Space Geodesy and Astronomy of the Lviv Polytechnic (on the 100-th anniversary of his birth) pdf Download

Malitskiy A., Lozynskyi V. Analysis terrestrial laser 3D scanner and their scope pdf Download

Voytenko S., Ivanchuk O., Karpinskiy Yu., Trevoho I. Honor of Professor M. Viduev pdf Download


Trevoho I., Tsyupak I. Features metrological certification standard geodetic bases pdf Download

Litynskyy V., Vivat A., Pokotylo I., Litynskyy S, Gerasymenko Ye. Methods to determine intervals of leveling rods with electronic tacheometer pdf Download

Siejka Z. The methodology for calculating the coordinates of the permanent reference station at the ASG-EUPOS system pdf Download

Gorb A., Fedorenko R., Shatohina K. Experimental research of the accuracy of positioning users in the network RTK mode pdf Download

Fys M., Holubinka Yu., Yurkiv M. Comparative analysis of formulas for the potential and its radial derivatives for three-layered spherical and ellipsoidal planets pdf Download

Zablotskyj F., Savchuk M. Precision of wet component of zenith tropospheric delay derived from GPS-observations pdf Download


Dutchyn M., Grytsyuk T., Nychvyd M. Investigation of accuracy of determination of subsidence foundations of engineering structures at the stage of soil consolidation pdf Download

Dejneka Yu., Ozimblovskyy R., Petrov S. Experience of the geodetic control for the technical condition of the Fuel and Energy Complex objects pdf Download


Kalynichenko J., Sai V. Conceptual principles of the legal adjusting of the landed

relations pdf Download

Panas R., Malanchuk M. Conservation of degraded and low-productive arable lands as the basis for preserving their fertility pdf Download

Perovych I. Matematical modeling territories administration districts pdf Download

Riabchii V., Riabchii V., Trehub M., Sovgirenko A. Some results of researches of influence coefficient of correlation of coordinates in the calculation of the mean square errors of land parcels areas pdf Download

Vanchura R. Problems of new linings appear and ways to prevent them pdf Download

Gubar Y., Gubar A. The study problems of consent of the methodical approaches real estate evaluation in the settlements pdf Download


Burshtynskaya K., Polishchuk B., Fikovskaya A. Hybrid classification of forests on high resolution satellite images pdf Download

Ivanchuk O., Prykarpatski A. Modeling the shape of the surface and its projection on a plane: Delaunay triangulacion and its application pdf Download

Lazorenko-Gevel N. Geostatistical modelling of results of agroecological monitoring of soils of Kyiv region pdf Download

Lyashchenko A., Gorkovchuk M. Functional model of automated system for geospatial data quality control and evaluation pdf Download

Marusazh Kh. Analysis of modern methods of research quantitative parameters of

glaciers pdf Download

Nazimkov M., Artamonov V. Problems of prognostication of dangerous physical and geological factors in open-pit mining sites pdf Download

Nimkovych R., Bulakevych S. GIS support for projects of land use planning with ecological and economic justification of crop rotations and the ordering of land at the local level pdf Download

Hlotov V., Protsyk M., Zhuk D. Study on soil erosion hazard on detailed level by digital terrestrial stereophotogrammetric method (Part 2) pdf Download

Glotov V., Tserklevich A., Zbruckij O., Kolisnichenko V., Prokhorchuk A., Karnaushenko R., Galecky V. Analysis and perspectives aeroshooting process with unpiloted aircraft pdf Download

Shvets O. Determination of the potential dangers of manifestation erosion using GIS

technology pdf Download


Uchytel I., Kapochkin B. Classification of high-speed deformation of the oceanic crust pdf Download

Uchytel I., Kapochkin B. Spatial regularities of manifestation of short-term oceanic crust deformations pdf Download

Grigorovsky P., Chukanova N. Features of the calculation of labor costs for surveying work in construction pdf Download

Smirnov E. Analysis of ways to assess the accuracy of the determination Lot size analytical method  Smirnov E.pdf Download