Issue I (29), 2015



Modern achievements of geodesic science and industry

Collection of scientific papers of Western Geodesic Society of USGC

Issued since 1996

Publication frequency:  two issues per year

Issue І (29), 2015

Dedicated to the professional holiday of Ukrainian geology,

geodesy and cartography workers

Head editor – Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor І.S. Trevoho


Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic 2015

UDC 528; 361; 681; 332; 631

New results of the development of theory and methods for the study of Earth’s shape and external gravitational field, as well as research concerning the use of GNSS- and GIS-technologies, in the field of engineering geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry and cadastre are published in this issue of the collection.

This collection is intended for lecturers, researchers, postgraduate students of geodesic field and employees of geodesic companies and agencies.

Printed on the recommendation of the management board of the Western Geodesic Society of USGC (Minutes No. 28(339)  as of 06.02.2015) and Academic Board of the Institute of Geodesy of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Minutes No. 5(143)  as of 09.12.2014 )

Added by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine to the list of professional publications in engineering sciences (Resolution No. 1-05/1 as of February 10, 2010), in which the results of thesis works for academic degrees of doctor and candidate of engineering sciences can be published

Print media State Registration Certificate – KV No. 8565 as of March 23, 2004


TREVOHO І.S., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, President of the Ukrainian Society of Geodesy and Cartography, dean of the Institute of Geodesy of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Tel. +38-032 258-27-19, +38-050-370-64-02, e-mail:


ZABLOTSKYI  F. D. (section “Geodesy, geodynamics”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the Lviv Polytechnic National University;

KOSTETSKA Ya. М. (section “Engineering geodesy”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the Lviv Polytechnic National University;

DOROZHYNSKYI О. L. (section “Photogrammetry, geoinformational systems and cartography”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity;

PEROVYCH L. М. (section “Cadastre”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity


HOLUBINKA Yu. І., Cand. Sc. in engineering, senior lecturer of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity,

Tel. +38-067-782-65-82, e-mail:


BURSHTYNSKA Kh. V., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; VASYUTYNSKYI І. Yu., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of Moscow State University of Geodesy and cartography (Russia); VOLCHKO P. І., head of the department of research and production Company “Doka” (Lviv); HLOTOV V. М., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; HEGER V., Doctor of Engineeringprofessor of the Higher School of Neubrandenburg (Germany); DENYSOV О. М., Cand. Sc. in engineering, associate professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity MAKSYMCHUK V. Yu., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, director of the Carpathian Branch of the Institute of Geophysics named after S.І. Subbotin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; PAKHUTA А., doctor, professor, dean of the WarsawPolytechnicUniversity (Poland). RADEY К., doctor, director of Scientific and Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Prague SAVCHUK S. H., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; SOSSA R. І., doctor of geographical sciences, professor, director of the state research and production enterprise “Kartografiya” (Kyiv); TRETYAK К. R., Dr.Sc. in engineering, professor, director of the Institute of Geodesy of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; CHETVERIKOV B. V., teaching assistant, Lviv Polytechnic National University (technical secretary);  

Address of the editorial board:

Western Geodesic Society of the USGC, Institute of Geodesy of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12, S. Bandera Str., Lviv, 79013, Ukraine, Tel. +38-032-258-27-19, +38-032-258-22-34, +38-050-370-64-02


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Trevoho I., Denisov O. The activities of the Western geodesy society in 2014 year pdf  Download

Dorozhynskyy O. Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing befor XXІII ІSPRS Congress 

 pdf Download

Perovych L., Ludchak O. The cadaster system of Ukraine in the context of world experience pdf Download

Trevoho L, Tretyak K., Zadorozhnyy V., Kilaru V. Visualization of transformation geodetic industiy in the world of digital and information technologies “INTERGEO in 2014” pdf Download


Trevoho I., Zadorozhnyy V., Vanchura E. XX International scientific conference “Polish-Czech-Slovak days Geodesy” pdf Download


Savchuk S. Scientific journal “Modern achievements of a geodetic science and industiy”: from 2010 to 2015  pdf Download


Kalynych I., Kalynych I., Savchuk S. VII International scientific-practical conference “New technologies in geodesy, land and environmental management”pdf Download


Bilous M., Kovtun V. 65 years ofPJSC “Kievmetrostroy” Corporation “Ukrmetrotunelbud” 17 years high precision-Subsidiary “Ukrheodezmark””pdf Download


Riabchii V. A., Riabchii V. V. Mathematical processing of results of double unequally accurate measurements  pdf Download

Celms A., Eglaja E., Ratkevics A. Latvia positioning system base station installation in Valka  pdf Download


Tyshchuk M., Gozhy A. The operation of the joint astronomical, geodetic and geophysical observation station in Stepanivka pdf Download


Tadyeyev A. Estimation of earth surface deformations according to the data in geodetic curvilinear coordinate systems pdf Download


Dutchyn M., Grytsyuk T., Bida I., Nychvyd M. Research of exactness of construction of horizontal survey network for land inventory of settlements pdf Download


Muller E., Heger W. Calibration of levelling devices and lathes in Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences  pdf Download

Maksymchuk V., Chobotok I., Nakalov E., Marehenko D. Magnetic declination and its age execution of western Ukraine for age 2013 pdf Download

Trevoho I., Tsyupak I. Analysis of the results of the new measurements on objects of scientific metrology geodesic polygon pdf Download


Petrov S. Compatible processing of results of high precision geometric leveling and inclination measurements pdf Download

Melnyk V., Rasyun V. On the transformation of the spatial coordinates using Gibbs formalism vectors   pdf Download

Kulikovska O. Assessment of hazardous deformation processes in the operation of high-speed tram line Krivoy Rog near the station “Artem’ Square”   pdf Download


Kulikovskaja O., Atamanenko Y. Technical possibilities of the use of unmanned mobile model to capture traffic accidents  pdf Download


Smoliy K. Analysis of modem geodetic and geotechnical methods of monitoring the structures deformation pdf Download


Aleknavicius A., Gurskiene V. Agricultural land use in Lithuania pdf Download

Vanchura R., Rozdolska M. Investigation procedure of resolving issues state land parcels registration in case of inconsistencies geodetic coordinates neighboring land parcels     pdf Download

Hubar Yu. Implementation of the model in Inwood cadastral valuation methodology of real estate   pdf Download

Efendyan P. About the problems of land consolidation in Armenia and their solutions
 pdf Download

Kocab M., Lechner J., Radej K., Drbal A. Position and importance of geoinformation infrastructure in a democratic society pdf Download

Kazanivska O., Malanchuk M., Martunyk T. Environmental swath management at the routing of overhead transmission lines pdf Download

Perovych I. Methodical approaches inrelation to determination of charges and arrangement of territories in the estimation of land of settlements pdf Download


Parsova V., Stoiko N. Features of land administration: Latvian and Ukrainian experience pdf Download


Burshtynska H., Movchko L., Shevchuk V. Monitoring of channel processes and high-flood phenomena of the Dniester River on the space images  pdf Download

Chetverikov B., Hoinets N. Photogrammetric processing of archival aerial images for a historical map of “Brest Fortress” creation  pdf Download

Burak K., Kovtun V., Levytskyi R.  Determination of the density of a bicubic spline interpolation regular grid when creating DEM  pdf Download

Hlotov V., Ilkiv T. Technological peculiarities of determination of quantitative parameters of large engineering structures on Rivne NPP by digital stereophotogrammetric method
  pdf Download

Korolov V., Zaiets Y., Savchuk R. Application of geographic information system for determination vehicles from the “shadowing” zone suitable for staff use  pdf Download

Melnyk V., Rudyk A. Some general principles of three-dimensional reproduction of TEM-images  pdf Download


Abdallah R. Assessment accuracy of the topographic raster maps – Iraq
 pdf Download


Gorb A., Yeromenko D. The use of laser scanning for modeling the relief of technogenic areas  pdf Download


Chabanyuk V., Dyshlyk O. Cartographical Patterns as the Means of Big Data Handling in Atlas Mapping  pdf Download 


Ivanchuk O. Features Calibration of geometric distortion of digital SEM images obtained at different SEM  pdf Download 


Lyashchenko A., Patrakeev I. Ontology and features of components geoinformation monitoring for geospatial database technology pdf Download



Trevoho I., Ilkiv E., Galyarnyk M., Dutchyn M., Novosilskyi M. Geomagnetic diagnostics modes of digital leveling pdf Download

Litynskyy V., Vivat A., Riy I., Zhak I. Methods to research of reading the accuracy of levelling rods  pdf Download

Begichev S., Ishutina G. Analysis methods for probabilistic reliability assessment geodetic control points pdf Download