Issue ІI (33), 2017


Trevoho I., Denisov O., Chetverikov B. Scientific, international and public activity of Society in 2016  pdf Download

Trevoho I., Karpinskyy Yu.,  Dacenko L., Chetverikov B. Third congress USGC

 pdf Download

Drbal A., Ivanchuk O., Motornyy A., Trevoho I. Honorary award of professor A. D. Motornyy  pdf Download

Trevoho I., Treyak K., Glotov V., Zadoroznhyy V., Kilaru V. Achieving global and Ukrainian geodesy on “INTERGEO-2016”  pdf Download

Trevoho I., Zadorozhnyy V. A new stage in the joint German-Ukrainian program of preparation Masters of geodesy as one of the factors of European integration  pdf Download

Tartachynska Z. To the 145 anniversary of the Geodesy Department  pdf Download

Savchyn I., Lozynskyi V., Dosyn S., Marusazh Kh. International conference of young scientists “GeoTerrace-2016”  pdf Download

Trevoho I. S., Ilkiv E. Y., Halyarnyk M. V. Creating Geoportal datum with advanced characteristics of networks of condensation points  pdf Download

Trevoho I., Gorb A. ,  Meleshko A. Application of radar with synthetic aperture for high-precision geospatial monitoring  pdf Download

Gorb A., Buryachenko M., Eremenko D. Key points in implementing the Building Information Modeling  pdf Download


Tadyeyev O. Estimating three-dimensional earth deformation fields by methods  of the projective differential geometry. Earth dilatation fields  pdf Download

Yamelynets S., Pristupa O., Balyan A., Yamelynets А. Creating geodetic ground  for planned high-altitude observations of landslides and deformations of buildings on the territory of the Pidhirtsi monastery in Lviv region  pdf Download

Perii S., Moroz O., Korlyatovych T., Pokotylo I. Applying of trigonometric leveling  for the transfer of heights over the water surface in the territory of Shatsk National Natural Park  pdf Download

Trevoho I., Tsyupak I., Voloshyn V., Rudyk A. Standard baselines of Yavoriv scientific geodetic  of test field for verification of modern geodetic instruments and technologies  pdf Download

Kerker V., Zademlenyuk A., Boledzyuk O. Research of efficiency using GPS and GPS+GLONASS satellite signals in RTK measurement  pdf Download

Vallis A., Knoks M., Celms A., Reķe I. Common site calibration parameter calculation  of trimble VRS measurement method for use in the territory of Latviapdf Download


Dets T. Model assessing the state areas of in the zone  of dangerous technogenic objects (for example Khmelnitsky NPP)  pdf Download


Bugaenko  I. Calculation of the area national park,  the number of people Ukraine pdf Download

Hubar  Yu. The research methods membership function of fuzzy mathematics in order to reconcile results of the assessment of market value  pdf Download

Vanchura R., Mala N. Analysis of extraterritoriality approval of land management projects  on land allocation territorial authorities of Public Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre  pdf Download

Peresoliak R., Martyniuk T. Сadastral exchange file format version 2.0  pdf Download

Baumane V., Cintina V. Comparison of Remote Sensing and Cadastre Data  for Determination of Land Degradation in Latvia  pdf Download


Chetverikov B., Mikhailyuk V., Sohor A. Technology of creation of digital terrain model for example Syretskiy district of Kyiv, using historical data  pdf Download

Yanchuk R., Prokopchuk A., Trohimets S. Identification and definition of the areas disturbed  by mining amber lands based on multispectral satellite imagery Sentinel-2  pdf Download

Kuzyk Z., Stavovyi A., Ilkiv T. Archаeological documentation and modelling with the digital photogrammetry methods  pdf Download

Burshtynska Kh., Tretyak S., Shevchuk V. Research of meandering of river Dniester using geoinformation technologies  pdf Download

Hlotov V., Hunina A., Teleschuk Yu. Analysis of possibilities for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for military purposes  pdf Download

Pryadka K., Vanchura R. Features the complex mapping of of forestry  pdf Download

Stoiko N., Tkachuk L., Parsova V. Development of the scheme of functional zoning  of regional landscape Park “Rawska Raztoce” using methods of geoinformation mapping  pdf Download

Ivanchuk O., Tumska O. Methods of automated determination coordinates of the centers  of the test object-nodes in his SEM images using of MatLab  pdf Download

Voloshyn V., Melnyk O., Melnyk Y., Vereshko O. Geoinformation modelling of Styr river water levels in flood period within the territory of  Lutsk  pdf Download

Ratkevičs A., Celms A., Baumane V. Remote sensing methods and materials usage  in state border demarcation works  pdf Download


Litynskyy V., Kochan I. About some professional terms in the Ukrainian geodetic terminology  pdf Download