Issue I (31), 2016



Modern achievements of geodesic science and industry

Collection of scientific papers of Western Geodesic Society of USGC

Issued since 1996

Publication frequency:  two issues per year

Issue І (31), 2016

Dedicated to the professional holiday of Ukrainian geology,

geodesy and cartography workers

Head editor – Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor І.S. Trevoho


Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic 2016

UDC 528; 361; 681; 332; 631

New results of the development of theory and methods for the study of Earth’s shape and external gravitational field, as well as research concerning the use of GNSS- and GIS-technologies, in the field of engineering geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry and cadastre are published in this issue of the collection.

This collection is intended for lecturers, researchers, postgraduate students of geodesic field and employees of geodesic companies and agencies.

Printed on the recommendation of the management board of the Western Geodesic Society of USGC (Minutes No. 38(349)  as of 25.01.2016) and Academic Board of the Institute of Geodesy of Lviv Polytechnic National University (Minutes No. 6(155)  as of 09.02.2016 )

Added by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine to the list of professional publications in engineering sciences (Resolution No. 747 as of 13.07.2015), in which the results of thesis works for academic degrees of doctor and candidate of engineering sciences can be published

Print media State Registration Certificate – KV No. 8565 as of March 23, 2004


TREVOHO І.S., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, President of the Ukrainian Society of Geodesy and Cartography, dean of the Institute of Geodesy of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, Tel. +38-032 258-27-19, +38-050-370-64-02, e-mail:


ZABLOTSKYI  F. D. (section “Geodesy, geodynamics”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the Lviv Polytechnic National University;

KOSTETSKA Ya. М. (section “Engineering geodesy”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of  the Lviv Polytechnic National University;

DOROZHYNSKYI О. L. (section “Photogrammetry, geoinformational systems and cartography”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity;

PEROVYCH L. М. (section “Cadastre”), Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity


HOLUBINKA Yu. І., Cand. Sc. in engineering, senior lecturer of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity,

Tel. +38-067-782-65-82, e-mail:


BURSHTYNSKA Kh. V., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; VASYUTYNSKYI І. Yu., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, head of the department of Moscow State University of Geodesy and cartography (Russia); VOLCHKO P. І., head of the department of research and production Company “Doka” (Lviv); HLOTOV V. М., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; HEGER V., Doctor of Engineeringprofessor of the Higher School of Neubrandenburg (Germany); DENYSOV О. М., Cand. Sc. in engineering, associate professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity MAKSYMCHUK V. Yu., doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, director of the Carpathian Branch of the Institute of Geophysics named after S.І. Subbotin of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; PAKHUTA А., doctor, professor, dean of the WarsawPolytechnicUniversity (Poland). RADEY К., doctor, director of Scientific and Research Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Prague SAVCHUK S. H., Dr. Sc. in engineering, professor, LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; SOSSA R. І., doctor of geographical sciences, professor, director of the state research and production enterprise “Kartografiya” (Kyiv); TRETYAK К. R., Dr.Sc. in engineering, professor, director of the Institute of Geodesy of the LvivPolytechnicNationalUniversity; CHETVERIKOV B. V., teaching assistant, Lviv Polytechnic National University (technical secretary);  

Address of the editorial board:

Western Geodesic Society of the USGC, Institute of Geodesy of the Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12, S. Bandera Str., Lviv, 79013, Ukraine, Tel. +38-032-258-27-19, +38-032-258-22-34, +38-050-370-64-02


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Trevoho I., Denisov A., Chetverikov B. Scientific, international and social activities of the Society in 2015pdf  Download
Trevoho I., Tretyak K., Zadorozhnyy V., Kilaru V. Achievements and innovations in the Geomatics branch at “INTERGEO-2015”  pdf Download
Burban P., Ratkevichs A. Modern technologies for creation of general geodetic demarcation of the border pdf Download
Trevoho I., Hlotov V., Tsyupak I., Zadorozhnyy V. Ukrainian-Polish cooperation of the pressing problems in engineering geodesypdf Download
Trevoho I., Gorb A., Meleshko O. High-precision geospatial monitoring using the Leica MS60 multistationpdf Download
Ternovyy M. Building information modeling and new instruments  pdf Download
Trevoho I., Tretyak K., Zadorozhnyy V. International cooperation in education of masters-surveyors within double degree programspdf Download
Peresadko V., Pryadka K. A problem of GNSS surveying in big citiespdf Download


Trevoho I., Tsyupak I., Palianytsia B., Voloshin V. New results and prospects of research on the scientific geodesic test field in Yavoriv  pdf Download
Trevoho I., Ilkiv E., Galyarnik M., Zhovtulya O. The study of composition and microstructure of the metal wall of geodetic marks  pdf Download
Yarema N., Kashynskiy T., Sogor A. Determination of the Baltic Sea mean level changes from tide gauge data pdf Download
Matvienko S., Prokopov A., Trevoho I. On the possibility of realization of radiophysical method of monitoring the Earth’s gravitational field using the network of GNSS stationspdf Download
Doskich S. Using the software application GAMIT-GLOBK for creating regional combined GNSS solutions pdf Download
Celms A., Rusins J., Reke I. Research of National geodetic network using GNSS methods  pdf Download
Lityns’kyy V., Periy S., Tarnavs’kyy V., Lityns’kyy S. Research method of focusing lens movement in levels pdf Download


Gorb A., Buriachenko M., Yeromenko D. Possibilities of processing laser scan data with modern software pdf Download
Moroz O., Korlyatovych T., Pokotylo I., Fys M. Comparative analysis of two methods of spirit levelling “from inside” and “forward-back”   pdf Download
Andruschenko V., Vashchenko V., Polyakovska L., Smirnov Je. Abm additional measurements on a linear basis  pdf Download


Parsova V., Berzina M., Jankava A., Stoiko N. How to register cadastral objects located on marine area? pdf Download
Sidorenko V., Palamar A. Features of formation of urban areas in the industrial regions of Ukraine    pdf Download
Stadnikov V. Conceptual bases of development of regional automated system of urban cadaster Odessa region  pdf Download
Martyniuk T., Malanchuk M. Calculation of comprehensive index values territory
 pdf Download


Glotov V., Marusazh H. Method of determining the focal distance of digital non-metric camera  pdf Download
Chetverikov B., Babiy L. Determination of boundaries of ancient burial places using the archived aerial and cartographic materials  pdf Download
Baumane V., Cintina V., Lapina A. Application of remote sensing data in determination of land degradation   pdf Download
Ivanchuk O. Mathematical model of relationship of the spatial coordinates of points microsurface of the object with the corresponding coordinates on their SEM-stereoimages pdf Download
Korol P., Voloshin V. Using the toroidal surfaces for development of mathematical bases of geographical maps of Ukraine  pdf Download
Melnyk V., Piskunova O. Heterogenuous structures’ fractal analysis with the variogram method application  pdf Download
Pogorelov V., Shavuk V. Theoretical substantiation of method for measuring the height of buildings on the basis of single satellite images  pdf Download
Savchuk R. Rationale for indicators effectiveness of the institution specially maps and photographs of the area  pdf Download
Savchuk R. A mathematical model of the system to ensure the establishment of special cards, which are made in advance  pdf Download
Burshtynska Kh., Denys Y., Madiar Y., Polishchuk B. Method two-step classification of forests by high resolution space imagespdf Download
Yanchuk O., Yanchuk R., Shmyhovskyi O., Kovalets A. Mobile data collection system based on Arcgis to account for the biodiversity of the plant world of Rivne Natural Reservepdf Download
Abdallah R., Chetverikov B. Research of the dynamics of development of the the road network of Iraq on the example Sulaymaniyah citypdf Download



Malashevskyi M. Study investment attractiveness of land commercial use pdf Download