Volume I(37)

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Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Rudyk O. Scientific, international and public activities of the Society in 2018

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-7-10

 pp. 7-10


Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Kilaru V., Vanchura O. Innovative digital technologies and new technology at “Intergeo-2018”

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-11-15

                                                pp. 11-15



Trevoho І., Khoptar A., Brusak I. Double diplomas program of Ukrainian-German international cooperation

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-16-19

pp. 16-19



Drbal А., Radej К., Lechner J. Professor Dominik Zbrožek (1832–1889) – founder and first director of the astronomical observatory of the Lviv Polytechnic

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-20-31




Trevoho I., Zadorozhnyy V., Vanchura O. International scientific and technical conference to the 100th anniversary of the Polish society of geodesy (Stowarzyszenie Geodetów Polskich – SGP)

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-32-34

pp. 32-34



Savchyn I., Lozynskyi V., Marusazh Kh., Denys Yu. International conference of young scientists “GEOTERRACE-2018”

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-35-36

pp. 35-36



Trevoho I., Ljashchenko A., Malyuk O. The 70th anniversary of Yurii Karpinsky

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-37-39

pp. 37-39



Karpinsky Y., Kulyk V., Lepetyuk B., Sossa R., Trevoho I. 90th birthday of Petro Maksimovich Shevchuk, veteran of the geodesy and cartography

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-40-42

pp. 40-42



Savchuk S., Shevchuk P., Tretjak K., Chetverikov B. The 80th anniversary of Ihor Trevoho

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-43-45

pp. 43-45



Trevoho I., Kovtun V. Application of efficient technologies with GYROMAXTMAK 2m for autonomous orientation in Space

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-46-47

pp. 46-47



Uhl A., Rudyk O. Professor Melnyk Volodymyr Мykolaiovych (1941–2019) – the founder of the Ukrainian SEM-photogrammetry

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-48-50

pp. 48-50





Łyszkowicz A. Realization of the International Height Reference System – state of art

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-51-56

pp. 51-56



Savchuk S., Khoptar A. Analysis of the tropospheric delay estimates in software package – GIPSYX based ONMULTI-GNSS observations

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-57-63

pp. 57-63



Trevoho I., Myazina Yu., Ilkiv Ye., Halyarnyk M. About the status of the state geodetic network points of Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk region

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-64-68

pp. 64-68





Hlotov V., Hunina А., Kniaziev S., Kolesnichenko V.,  Prokhorchuk О. Analysis of application of the UAVS for military tasks

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-69-77

стор. 69-77



Burshtynska Kh., Denys Yu., Pashtetnyk O. Monitoring of coniferous forests drying by different time satellite images (for Tukhlya forestry)

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-78-84

pp. 78-84



Glotov V., Marusazh Kh. Method of determining the focal distance of digital non-metric camera

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-85-90

pp. 85-90



Kuzyk Z., Rutska L. Method of creating the tourist GIS of the Busk district by using cartographic materials and remote sensing data

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-91-99

pp. 91-99



Chetverikov B. Method of determination of construction foundation by archival aerial imаges for rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage objects

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-100-105





Hubar Yu. Analysis of the influence of the position of the intermediate signs receivable by safe literal apparatus, on the cost of real estate

DOI: www.doi.org/10.33841/1819-1339-2019-1-37-106-115

pp. 106-115