Volume I(37)

In this issue (21 articles)



Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Rudyk O. Scientific, international and public activities of the Society in 2018

 pp. 7-10


Trevoho I., Chetverikov B., Kilaru V., Vanchura O. Innovative digital technologies and new technology at “Intergeo-2018”

                                                pp. 11-15



Trevoho І., Khoptar A., Brusak I. Double diplomas program of Ukrainian-German international cooperation

pp. 16-19



Drbal А., Radej К., Lechner J. Professor Dominik Zbrožek (1832–1889) – founder and first director of the astronomical observatory of the Lviv Polytechnic




Trevoho I., Zadorozhnyy V., Vanchura O. International scientific and technical conference to the 100th anniversary of the Polish society of geodesy (Stowarzyszenie Geodetów Polskich – SGP)

pp. 32-34



Savchyn I., Lozynskyi V., Marusazh Kh., Denys Yu. International conference of young scientists “GEOTERRACE-2018”

pp. 35-36



Trevoho I., Ljashchenko A., Malyuk O. The 70th anniversary of Yurii Karpinsky

pp. 37-39



Karpinsky Y., Kulyk V., Lepetyuk B., Sossa R., Trevoho I. 90th birthday of Petro Maksimovich Shevchuk, veteran of the geodesy and cartography

pp. 40-42



Savchuk S., Shevchuk P., Tretjak K., Chetverikov B. The 80th anniversary of Ihor Trevoho

pp. 43-45



Trevoho I., Kovtun V. Application of efficient technologies with GYROMAXTMAK 2m for autonomous orientation in Space

pp. 46-47



Uhl A., Rudyk O. Professor Melnyk Volodymyr Мykolaiovych (1941–2019) – the founder of the Ukrainian SEM-photogrammetry

pp. 48-50





Łyszkowicz A. Realization of the International Height Reference System – state of art

pp. 51-56



Savchuk S., Khoptar A. Analysis of the tropospheric delay estimates in software package – GIPSYX based ONMULTI-GNSS observations

pp. 57-63



Trevoho I., Myazina Yu., Ilkiv Ye., Halyarnyk M. About the status of the state geodetic network points of Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk region

pp. 64-68





Hlotov V., Hunina А., Kniaziev S., Kolesnichenko V.,  Prokhorchuk О. Analysis of application of the UAVS for military tasks

стор. 69-77



Burshtynska Kh., Denys Yu., Pashtetnyk O. Monitoring of coniferous forests drying by different time satellite images (for Tukhlya forestry)

pp. 78-84



Glotov V., Marusazh Kh. Method of determining the focal distance of digital non-metric camera

pp. 85-90



Kuzyk Z., Rutska L. Method of creating the tourist GIS of the Busk district by using cartographic materials and remote sensing data

pp. 91-99



Chetverikov B. Method of determination of construction foundation by archival aerial imаges for rehabilitation of historical and cultural heritage objects





Hubar Yu. Analysis of the influence of the position of the intermediate signs receivable by safe literal apparatus, on the cost of real estate

pp. 106-115