Issue II (36)

Trevoho I., Savchuk S., Chetverikov B. International Scientific Conference “Geoforum 2018”pdf Download
Maliuk O. Development of national infrastructure of geodata in Ukraine pdf Download
Tartachynska Z. To the 50 anniversary of the geodetic polygon in Berezhany city pdf Download
Dzhuman B. Application of the second Neumann’s method to spherical functions on a spherical trapezium pdf Download
Trevoho I., Ilkiv E., Galyarnyk M. To the issue of withdrawal of information from closed geodetic points pdf Download
Neyezhmakov P., Prokopov A., Trevoho І. To the theory of gradient method of determination the mean integral refractive index of air at long distance measurements on the near-earth, trace pdf Download
Periy S., Fys M., Sohor A., Sohor M. Сonstruction of the plane of the normal section for trigonometric leveling by GNSS spatial measurements pdf Download
Savchuk S., Cwiklak J. The sustainability of the ETRS89 realizations at national level pdf Download
Paziak M., Zablotskyi F. Features of the vertical distribution of the wet component of zenith tropospheric delay in middle and tropical latitudes pdf Download
Trevoho I., Zvyahina M., Vanchura O. Methodology of monitoring deformations of marine hydroengineering structures by geodetic methods pdf Download
Sykal S. The main ideas of current state of normative documentations of the Ukrainian railways pdf Download
Tretyak S. Monitoring of planned displacements of the channels of the right bank tributaries of the Dniester river pdf Download
Chetverikov B., Rega R. Methods of creation of digital terrain model of the central part of the Lviv pdf Download
Kolb I. Method of creating geoinformatics of cartographic layer of building contours on materials of large-scale aerial survey of UAVs pdf Download
Havriushyn O. Geoinformation mapping of changes administrative-territorial division of the Dnipropetrovsk region pdf Download
Melnyk V., Muliar N., Rasiun V. The invariants of PSC as criteria of cartographic correctness of archival topographic maps pdf Download
Radziy I., Zayats I., Tretyak S. Research of the displacements of the Dniester riverbed by means of GIS technologies pdf Download
Кolb I., Trevoho I., Lisniakov S. Investigation of means of making geodetic calculations in modern geoinformatic systems pdf Download
Bukhalska T., Dets T. Damage assessment caused by illegal amber mining for the state in the Volodymyrets district of the Rivne region pdf Download
Peresoliak R. Lack of the XML technology potential for the purpose of the electronic documentary cooperation in the field of the earthquak pdf Download
Litynskyj V., Periy S., Kochan I., Babiy L. About standardization of geodetic terminology pdf Download
Holubinka N., Holubinka Y., Lytvyn O. Productive word-formation models of terms in the sciences of the Earth. pdf Download
Kozak Roman Ilkovych’s 70th anniversary