About the society

West Geodetic Society – a nonprofit Western NGO that brings together experts in the field of geodesy and cartography , labor collectives of enterprises, associations, organizations and institutions.

The company operates in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine , the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations ” and the company’s charter.

The purpose of the Society – promoting further development in the field of geodesy, cartography and cadastre implement professional and creative ideas , as well as protection of the legitimate interests of the members of the Society.

The company has set itself the following tasks : – Consolidation of efforts of members of the Company to assist in solving important scientific and technical problems in the field of geodesy, cartography and cadastre, the development of new technology , mechanization and automation of production processes to increase productivity, technical level and quality of survey and mapping work; – Protection of intellectual property rights and legal interests of the Company; representation in government and other public organizations; – Promoting and facilitating the implementation of the production of scientific and technological excellence through conferences, seminars , symposiums, exhibitions, lectures and consultations with various scientific, technical, economic and operational issues; – To develop and submit proposals to the government and administration on the development of geodesy, cartography and cadastre; – Establishment of honorary titles of the Company and other incentive awards ; nomination papers of members of the Company for obtaining industry and government awards ; – Development International Cooperation Society , maintaining direct international connections and contacts through exchange of delegations, the latest advancements in geodetic and cartographic science and technology and so on.